Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth Essay example

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Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth Delivering a baby in the home and in the hospital both provide comfort to some, but homebirth offers decreased cost and hospital births offer more options. Some women have different birthing methods in mind when it comes to delivering a child. Some women feel that it is more convenient to stay home to deliver their child. Mothers-to-be will choose to have a hospital birth because they may feel safer or more secure knowing that if something is not right or if she has had complications, the doctor is there and she is in a hospital and everything will be okay. Are you a mother-to-be? Are you having trouble trying to figure out whether to have a homebirth or a hospital birth? I sure hope that this paper will …show more content…
Her care provider should know her well and she should know her care provider. At this point, they should have established a trust relationship. When it comes to hospital births, the risk of iatrogenic complications and infections, such as complications caused by or resulting from medical treatment or advice, to the mother and baby is greater among mothers who deliver in hospitals, than among those who give birth at home. On the bright side, immediate pediatric attention is available, should the newborn need medical care. Should the baby need immediate pediatric care, he/she should not need to be taken off site to be routinely examined by a pediatrician. We have already talked about advantages and disadvantages of homebirths versus hospital births, but now we are going to distinguish the risks of homebirths and hospital births. Rates of complications affecting the baby, including stillbirth after the start of labor, the baby dying within the first week of birth, brain injury, and fractures to the upper arm or shoulder during birth, and feces in the lungs are higher for first time mothers during a homebirth. There were 9.5 such complications per 1,000 births for first time mothers having their baby at home, compared to 3.5 per 1,000 births to first time mothers carrying out a hospital birth. Compared with babies born in