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Child Protective Services
Ninysha Horton
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Child Protective Services

I. Introduction a. What is the purpose for Child Protective Services? b. Many parents are losing their parental rights due to poor treatment of their children.

II. Child Protective Service’s investigates families that are reported by doing the following: a. An Effective Initial Assessment or Investigation b. An Initial Assessment or Investigation c. Making a Substantiation decision

III. Child protective Services helps families by: a. Placing Children with other relatives, or other families that are able to provide the appropriate care for a child. b. Giving the biological parents parenting classes and counseling, also providing family visits, and service provisions.

IV. Why do parents lose their parental rights, and what happens after their rights have been revoked? a. Because of child maltreatment, and causing serious bodily injury to a child or a child siblings. b. The biological parent will have no contact with the child/children at all, which includes nowhere about of the child, and no viewing of any photos. c. A child will be placed up for adoption with a family that Child Protective Services feels will be safe for the children.

V. The Population of abused children, and the healthcare cost a) The percentage of children dying from abuse. b) Billions of dollars caring for abused and neglected children.

VI. Conclusion
Child Protective Services has been around for many years trying to help protect children from unsafe conditions, and addressing maltreatment issues amongst their household. Helping parents reunite and improve their relationship with their children, giving them second chances to having full parental rights. Observing their family progress, making sure all the appropriate steps are being taken. Child Protective Services have what’s best for the children safety in mind by placing them in homes they feel the child/children wouldn’t be mistreated.

For over 30 years Child Protective Services, and advocates have tried to help with getting more reports of suspected child abuse and neglect. The purpose of Child Protective Services is to investigate and report any acts of child abuse and neglect among children, also to offer services to families and children where maltreatment has occurred. Their main focus is the care of children. Making sure that children are safe form any type of danger. Child Protective Service case workers must be aware of their responsibilities to the child and parent when overseeing a case.

When conducting an Effective Initial Assessment or Investigation, both the parent and child will be present while interviewing. Carefully listening to both what the child is saying and what the parents is saying, making sure what is being said is understandable. Making sure the parent understands the allegations that they are being accused of. Initial Assessment or Investigation you will have to be able to organize and gather the information that’s being said from both parties, and come up with an accurate conclusion. Answer critical questions that will then decide either the child/children should be taken out of his/her parents care. Making a Substantiating decision will determine if the child was severely harmed that it would be considered maltreatment. And making sure that enough evidence and information was given to form a case against the child’s parents for child maltreatment.

If Child Protective Services determines that maltreatment has taken place, they will more likely place the child in the care of a relative and go through a family assessment. Working with families to help identify the strengths that will encourage changing the foundation and reducing the risk of future maltreatment. In 1997, Congress passed the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA), which provided both legal and representation for