Home Fire Sprinklers Research Paper

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A Few Things To Know About Protecting Your Home With Fire Sprinklers

You've seen fire sprinklers in commercial buildings and places like restaurants, but you may not know you can have fire sprinklers installed in your home too. When you combine sprinklers with smoke detectors, you greatly reduce the risk of property damage and death by fire in your home. Here's some information about home fire sprinklers you may find helpful.

Existing Homes Can Be Retrofitted

The best time to install a fire sprinkler system into a home is when it is being built. However, that doesn't mean you're out of luck if you live in an older home and don't plan on moving. A contractor can install sprinklers in just about any type of home. If you're planning on remodeling a kitchen or other parts of your house, it's the perfect time to look into installing sprinklers. Even if you're not renovating, a contractor can still retrofit sprinklers, but it does require getting behind walls and the ceiling to reach pipes and install sprinkler lines.
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When the heat reaches a sprinkler head, a thin glass plug melts and this releases water from the sprinkler. Only the sprinklers right over the fire are activated so water damage is minimized, especially when compared to the water damage from a fire hose. Also, since sprinklers work right away when a fire starts, a fire can be contained or put out before the pump truck even arrives. This vastly reduces the amount of fire and smoke damage in your home.

Home Sprinklers Are