The Great Gatsby Analysis

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The Great Gatsby Remix In California, two of the towns have very rich people in them and they are called North Shore and South Shore. North Shore has the type of people who don’t spend their money on crazy things, they are more proper in the way they present themselves. But in South Shore, they spend their money on anything and everything, they buy some of the craziest things and throw insane beach parties, which everyone attends (even the people from North Shore). It’s currently the summer of 2012 and Gatsby is throwing another big party tonight. He loves to throw these parties because this is the only time that he gets to see his true love Daisy. Daisy is currently engaged to a man named Tom, but he is not faithful to her at all. That’s why it is easy for Daisy and Gatsby to see each other and spend some alone time with one another at the parties because Tom just goes off and basically hides from Daisy but try’s to get with a bunch of other girls. Nobody really understands why Daisy is still with him; some think it’s because she doesn’t really know what Tom is doing to her. Daisy and Gatsby really like to catch up at these parties because they haven’t seen or talked to one another in many, many year. They have quite a past between the two of them. They used to be completely in love with one another and it seemed/ they acted as if they were married but then Gatsby’s work made him move across the country all the way to New York, which caused them to basically have to split up for a while and that’s how Daisy ended up with Tom. On a side note, Gatsby earned all of his millions and billions of dollars from a man named Dan Cody, who owned a very big business and was loaded with money. Gatsby who was once completely poor when he was a kid, meet Dan and was really a good friend to him. Dan had died from an illness and left all of his fortunes and business ownership with Gatsby. This is why Gatsby became filthy rich but then caused him to move away from his love. They would try and keep in touch with each other every day, but Gatsby had gotten so incredibly busy with work that he would forget to call her back a majority of the time which caused her to think that he didn’t love her anymore, when in all reality he did. So, many years had passed and Gatsby hired a bunch of workers to work for him and basically do his job for him. He did this so he could move back to South Shore and be a lot closer to Daisy who lives in South Shore. When he had gotten back from New York, his first instinct was to try and find Daisy. Given the fact that he hadn’t talked to her for so many years he had lost complete contact with her and had no clue as to where he lived. Her brother was one of Gatsby’s servants though. His name was Nick and he wasn’t very close to her because she stopped talking to him once she started dating Tom because he did not approve of him at all. Nick was all for Gatsby trying to get her back because maybe this way he would be able to see his sister a lot more now. So, luckily Nick had Daisy’s number saved in his iPhone and he called her up for the first time in months. When she answered he asked her if she would meet him for lunch at “his house”…it was actually Gatsby’s house but he just didn’t tell her. So when Daisy showed up to this huge mansion she was pretty confused because she knew that her brother did not have a lot of money and there was no way that he was able to afford this house. As she walked into the house, she noticed that Nick was not alone sitting at the lunch table, Gatsby was right there with him. She stood there in awe for a minute or so until Gatsby came and gave her a big hug. You could tell how much Daisy truly missed him and how much she loved him. They all had a nice lunch together and talked about everything because they all had so much to catch up on. Little did Daisy and Gatsby realize how much things would escalate between the two of them. This had just rekindled the fire for their relationship