Home Health Resource Management Case Study

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5.12 a. The president of a home health care services firm.
With 30 percent dissatisfaction rate among home care nurses, the demands of job stress and nurse shortages can affect job fulfillment, absenteeism, and attrition (Hilliker, 2007, p. 1). Consequently, a president of a home health care services firm would require active recruitment and personnel management to sustain the manpower to meet a demand.
Research question hierarchy. The outline below will detail how a home health care president can investigate and manage staff burnout.
Management dilemma. Why is homecare staff suffering burnout or attrition?
Management question. How can management increase homecare staff retention?
Research questions. 1. What factors cause burnout
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What is the newspaper readership?
2. What newspaper sections are most favored among readers?
3. What newspaper sections are least favored among readers?
4. What are the costs to generate each section?
5. Should the newspaper eliminate a section to reduce costs?

d. The chief of police in a major city.
A recent study reported that inexperienced officers with underdeveloped tack and skillset are more susceptible to misconduct (Harris, 2014, p. 286). Accordingly, police departments have become increasingly concerned about police misconduct and have implemented procedures to help prevent misconduct (Harris, 2014, p. 285). Considering a major city would have a substantial size police force, a chief of police would have a difficult task of reducing and preventing police misconduct.
Research question hierarchy.
The detailed approach hereafter is an example of how a police department can define and combat issues with police officer misconduct.
Management dilemma. Why are police officers participating in misconduct?
Management question. How can a department predict or define initial indicators officer misconduct?
Research question(s).
1. What mechanism can evaluate officer complaints?
2. What methods may prevent officer