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2012 Information Technology Management Behavior Group Project
Papers should be 20-25 pages in length, double-spaced using a 12-point, Times New Roman font. In terms of page setup, 1 inch margins are to be used.
In terms of citations and references, I was not too particular, but recent experience has made clear that proper citation and reference work is critical. I will accept MLA, APA or Chicago School styles, but each paper can only use one of these styles (in other words, papers that make use of different styles will be penalized severely). It is paramount that I be able to find the exact references using your citation system. For example, if you cite a material from a specific page on the company website, your cite should have the exact webpage location. If all you cite is the company homepage, then it is an improper citation and therefore plagiarism.
The purpose of the project is to describe the information system/technology practices of a company of your choosing using the concepts covered in class, and based upon your analysis, make recommendations for effective managerial practice. When researching and reporting on the company your group selected, the following topic areas should be considered important (but may not, depending on the company you have chosen).
Also, your work should reflect an objective, third party examination of the organization in question, and not a subjective, “cheerleader” discussion of why the company is the best, numero uno, or “breathtakingly awesome!” Subjective writing of this kind indicates a real lack of critical thinking, as it appears that the company spiel has simply been accepted at face value. If I want this type of analysis I will simply read the companies PR releases, so there is no need for it in your papers.
The following topic areas are not listed in any