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these are homes built prior to the year 1950 since in house since air-conditioning was not around they built their home to admit the light and to have a lot of windows built in so they had circulation inside the home the windows were situated to a point so that outside air could blow in and cool off the house since all of this was that way they also sized their home according to the factor of how they would cool off the homes they built all the homes long and narrow or in the shape of an “L” with many windows for cooling when it came to operability the homes would do fine all of the major items were in one area of the house as for the location they picked a shaded spot close to trees so that they had shade. Not the same home.
The two homes you see above are of our modern age because we have air-conditioning everything we build has gotten a whole lot bigger and wider back then they did not have air-conditioning they built their homes around that fact they were long and narrow with a ton of windows so that air could come in and cool their homes off. Now in our age the homes are bigger odd shaped with not as many windows because we have air-conditioners so we do not need the window like they did back then we have them for decoration our new age homes are built to block the sunlight and air flow as for operability it may be a bit less than of that in the older home because of their design and our design As for size ours are a lot bigger than theirs they had 875 sf. With 2