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Jamia Johnson
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Home Reading Assignment “Lord of The Flies” is one of many great novels written by William Golding. Jack, Ralph, Piggy and many other minor children are stranded on an island without any adult supervision. Of course things don’t turn out for the better. In the beginning of the story, Ralph and another young boy by the name of Piggy start off as two strangers getting to know each other. He knew that they had to find the others so that they would all be rescued. Along the way of finding the others, Piggy and Ralph had found a conch shell in which he had used to call the others who were on the island. A group of boys by the name of Jack, Roger, Sam, Simon, Eric and the Littlums had come from out of the trees and joined the two for a meeting. So far it is established that they are alone on the island. The best thing to do in Ralph’s mind is to build a signal fire but someone else sais otherwise.
Once Jack the catch portraying savage like characteristics throughout the novel. realizes Ralph does a pretty good job at leading the group things start to change. While Ralph is focused on building a signal fire and shelter for the boys, Jack is more concerned about viciously hunting for food. Of course he and Ralph bump heads because of their different perspectives on the situation. Jack and a few others leave to hunt for the pigs. Eventually one is spotted but it wasn’t pretty.
By now the boys are at a feast that Jack is hosting. Every one’s eating, drinking, and dancing until the unexpected happens. Simon who everyone thinks is a beast, runs out into the circle and is stabbed to death. It is not until later they realize it is him. Being that they are “savages” Jack and the others decide they are going to lie and say it was an accident but, Ralph and Piggy convince themselves that they did not take part in any of this. The man hunt has begun. Jack and his crew attack Ralph and Piggy. The boys run for their lives but during the tiring escape Piggy is killed trying to make peace with the “savages”. All hope is not lost yet. While running to save himself a naval officer appears and saves the day.
In this novel there were a couple things that amazed me. One that I really was taken aback from was how Ralph was portrayed as a leader. He was able to sit back