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My Big Five
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Shakeara Abney

Shakeara Abney
I have a wide variety of personality traits that are good, bad or on the fence. The good ones I have are being creative, having an open mind and being sociable. These are some of my most common traits that are most prevalent in me most of the time.
My first good trait is my Creativity. I am able to push it to the max when needed or suppress it as needed. The start of my creativity comes from different places. The TV and internet are major sources for me because many of my ideas are based on what is in the media. A smaller source for me was also reading books. I also gain ideas from there but it’s not as important. I am responsible for keeping up my own creativity. I must keep it up by looking for new concepts and ideas constantly. I believe that the theory of Functionalism applies in this case. My belief is that in order to survive, the human race must make a wide mix of people who are best-suited roles. Some people are hunters, caretakers and I believe I fall into the intelligent section. This is because I would not be a good hunter or care taker but I can help work out better plans for the other roles. That is how my first good trait is creativity.
My second good trait is Open Mindedness. When presented with new things like new food or trying a new type of novel, I am very open to trying it. This one I can’t control and even if I could I wouldn’t because I like the clear-cut type of open mindedness I have. I got being open-minded from my mom who tends to be open minded. Likely seeing how closed minded and biased people can be keeps this trait alive because I don’t want to become them. The theory of Ego applies best in this case. My ego keeps me calm and mature which has the effect of keeping my mind open. The adult in me won’t allow me to act childish and be closed minded. It also allows me to see solutions to problems that I might not see. That is how my second good trait is Open-Mindedness and how it works for me.
Openness is a common pleasure for art, unusual ideas, curiosity, and imagination. This trait makes me stand out from people who are more imaginative from those who are down-to-earth. I believe that I am more open and I'm more creative than most. I’m very open to new and different ideas, and I feel that I am more in touch with myself. People who score lower in openness to experience are more likely to be closed-off from everyone else. They are generally more questioning and resistant to change. A child who has a more active imagination will be more likely to create stories, be better readers, and develop better writing skills. Curiosity brings good questions that can cause you to search answers and when people are looking for answers they are more likely to retain the information. People who score lower on the openness to experience scale are more likely to be concerned with grades. They are more likely to just work hard for the sake of hard work.
I show self-discipline, I can be submissive, and I seek achievement which makes me conscientious. This trait