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“Mother the mountain”, Van Zandt’s song. But our Mothers are more than the song described

Of course all of us love and like his/her mother, but when you missed something you became need it more and more that what it happens when you traveled far away into your mother and missing her delicious meals. You have tried to search out to find the foods that at least nearest to your mother meals taste. But could you find it?! For example, New York City has many Arabic restaurant that it has been cooking Arabic meals. I have had pleasure of eating at Al Yamen Al-Saeed restaurant which placed on Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn. The food there was excellent, the service was average, but the atmosphere was amazing because not only Arabic people there but also many American people were looked like they were enjoying with eating there. Generally, restaurant is looked as a convenience – place to relax and to have a good meal, but I would ask you if you can go to a restaurant and eat while you wearied your underwear or putting a skinny mask on your face? You will be comfortable in your own home so may the eating in home is more convenient, cost less and may be a lot healthier.
Saving Time When people choose restaurants where they think that the eating there will save their time, they will be not exactly correct. Actually if they made the same type of meal (especially the fast foods) may not spend more than 30 minutes to prepare it. As well as, if you want the same type of your favorite meals from restaurant you will spend about one to two hours , where you should drive to restaurant and ask for your meal, then you need to waiting them to prepare your request through this period you also will pay and finally you will go back to your home. Logically, you spend more time there more than if you prepare it by yourself.
Whose know cooking? Many people can learn how to cook at least their favorite meals (if they have a volition), so that’s