Homefront: World War Ii and General Hideki Tojo Essay

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World War II was a terrible, inhumane and tragic event. The world had many tragic events but what drove America into the War, was Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. General Hideki Tojo gave approved of attacking Pearl Harbor. Many Americans died from this event and Americans were furious as the Japanese. US went to Europe first because of Allies power England, Russia. Americans were going through Great Depression and thanks to President Roosevelt with his New Deal, which help American get back there feet. World War II has impact the American homefront from economic and society through the three important factors: women defense, race and propaganda poster.
First factor, many women began working “men” jobs because the men went to fight in war. Women had double jobs working and taking care of family. In the article, “Women in War Industries” is about an interview with Sybil Lewis and her story of working in defense. Lewis,” then saw an ad in the newspaper offering to train women for defense work” (Lewis 1943). Sybil saw an ad and could have chance to fight for her country. Then she called the Lockheed Aircraft and did not here back. She states, “ you had to be pretty persistent” and finally accepted her (Lewis 1942). The women would work with small airplanes and shooting. “This war the beginning of women’s feeling that they could do something more” (Lewis 1924). Since, she was given an opportunity do a manly job and more chance in life. Women acted has a major role in WWII in defense impacted Americans society and economic.
Second, race was another factor of the war. African American were not allowed to fight in war. “ American Negroes, involved as we in the general issues of conflict, are confronted not with a choice but the challenge both to win democracy for ourselves at home and to help win the war for democracy the world over” (Randolph 1942) African wanted to help but were not allowed to. “If freedom and equality are not vouchsafed for the people of color, the war for democracy will not be won” (Randolph 1942). Phillip was saying that African Americas could help us won war and racism. Phillip sated, “unless this double-barreled thesis is accepted and applied, the darker races will never wholeheartedly fight for the victory of the United Nations” (Randolph 1942). If African American did not contribute to the war and the American would probably lost .“To persuade Randolph to call off the march, Roosevelt issued Executive Order 8802, which banned discrimination in defense jobs and established a Fair Employment Practices