Essay about Homelands: Snow and White Snowy Blanket

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FST 130
As I Walk This Road

1) What strikes me the most about this poem is that when I read this I pictured exactly what he said because this reminds me of my home before the winter comes and it is beautiful! Not just where I live but everywhere because I love the changing of seasons.
2) My first thought when I read this was about the begging of winter, after it snows the sun comes out and melts some of the snow and you see green again just like the author said and that’s what the first think I thought about because you see that everywhere after it snows.
3) This passage idea reminds me of the times I would walk outside my house when it snows and watch the snow fall down, seeing nothing but blankets of white sheets everywhere. I would think to myself how beautiful it all looked, although the day looked very gloomy, but when you just sit there and wait to watch the sun come up everything came back to life.
4) This passage connects me with the author because the way I see it we both love nature, and we could just stay outside for hours and observe everything.
5) I know that the poets name is Ricardo Rojas he is a Chippewa from the White Earth Reservation, he grew up in Minneapolis-St Paul area of Minnesota. He wrote this poem while he was enrolled at Red School House.
6) Yes he does use figurative language, he uses metaphor and simile. In lines 1-3 he says “As I walk this road I hear the laughter of the new season coming forth.” & lines 4-6 he says “I see the