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Foundations of Human Services Worksheet Identify the four themes of human services. Problem living Human being are not always able to meet their needs. Human services has developed in response to the need of individuals groups or communities for assistance to live better lives. Self Sufficiency help human services open doors for success service providing clients or consumers of human services, with the opportunity and support to be self-sufficient. Economic self sufficiency strengthens an individuals self-esteem. Social control- Give individual who cannot provide for themselves temporarily or long term. Social control also determine who can received services. Rehabilitation-Is a task that help individual return to a prior level of functioning. Identify professional disciplines that influence human services The sociology disciplines examines the ways in which human societies influences the people who lives in these societies. Sociology also assess individuals in the broader culture and tries to account for the differences within human culture. Sociology helps human services professionals understand elements that affect living, such as family structures, family roles, gender and poverty. Anthropology studies the cultural, physical and social development of human and the variation in their customs and beliefs. Psychology is the study of the mind. And behavior. The disciplines embrace all aspects of human services. How have societal viewpoints concerning mental illness or health influenced human services over the past three centuries Over the past three centuries societal viewpoints have changed greatly towards mental illness. In early history society viewed mental health as being caused by evil spirits and that they could only be removed through trephining and exorcizing. Colonial times brought about the greatest move toward human services this was the start of formal Institutions for people with mental disturbances. In the 19th century Society began to realize that mental illness was a brain disorder and needed research, treatment, and physical facilities. The 20th century was a move in a new direction with the start of human services as we know it today with the development of free clinics and social services where treatment was provided. Society gradually opened their eyes to the needs of the mentally ill and developed the National Institute for Mental Health. How have societal viewpoints concerning child welfare influenced human services over the past three centuries In early history society viewed child welfare as the churches responsibility. In colonial times society started viewing children as dependents and created institutions called Almshouses which forced children in the same category as the elderly and mentally disabled. In the 19th century child welfare was addressed with the first juvenile dormitory in America the House of refuge for juvenile delinquents in New York. However it wasnt an improvement from the almshouses but it did help society view children as the vulnerable and deserving group in society which sparked the 20th century to create AFDC also health and welfare services was created which gave society an empathetic look towards children. How have societal viewpoints concerning incarceration and probation influenced human services over the past three centuries Incarceration has grown so much in the past three decades. Majority of these prisoners are parents to small children. More than ever, we need the cooperation between corrections, health and human service to work together to help these prisoners to get back to a good life. As we know incarceration and probation occurred in 1813 when Judge Peter Thatcher began placing youthful offenders under the supervision of officials. He also helped drunks and other unfortunates by bailing them out and provide friendly supervision to help them to adjust to a new life. As we know today, human services has served for all kind of people in need such as these