Homeless Anna Quindlen Analysis

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Wallace Stegner had once said, “Home is a notion that only nations of the homeless fully appreciate and only the uprooted comprehend.” This analyzes that people should be grateful because they have homes. The two texts, “What do fish have to do anything?”, by Avi and “Homeless” by Anna Quindlen both share the topic of homeless and describe how people live through it. Specifically, in “Fish”, the character Willie wants to find out the cure for unhappiness for his mother and receives help from the homeless man; whereas, in “Homeless” Anna Quindlen interviews Ann to show that these are people without homes, not a category, thing or problem to fix. Although others may disagree, it is clear that both texts challenge the stereotypes of homelessness by highlighting that homeless people are still humans that have valuable qualities.

Primarily, homeless people are still valuable and have qualities to offer the world. Just because someone does not currently have a home or a source of income does not mean that they are
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According to the text, “homeless”, Anna Quindlen interviews a homeless person named Anna and is trying to ask her how it feels when you are homeless. Quindlen writes, “It has been customary to take people’s pain and lessen our own participation in it by turning it into an issue, not a collection of human beings.” Sometimes I think we would be better off if we forgot about the broad strokes and concentrated on the details.” From this quote, we can note that it becomes easier for us to not help these people and ignore their problems. We can also learn that not all homeless people have the same nature. Quindlen does not want us to judge them by their look but look at them through their nature and feelings. We should pay attention to them instead of ignoring them because they are not enemies, Therefore, homeless people should be treated the way we want to be