Homeless: Deinstitutionalisation and Random Drug Testing Essay

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Rebecca Buckner
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In America homelessness is one of the social issues that have been a problem for many years. As the years go on, homelessness has gotten worse and worse. There are millions of people including children, families, babies, veterans, and the elderly live day after day without food, water or roof over their heads. Mentally ill people also have it tough on the streets. Thing like this should addressed as major crisis that effects are society. The amounts of homeless families with children are rising each year in our society. This group is fastest growing segment of the homeless population. Together they take over forty percent of all the people that are homeless. Rural areas have one of the largest groups of homeless families, single mothers, and children. For a lot of these children emotion hit home when they see people from the middle class that don’t appreciate what they have. America hasn’t always had to suffer with homelessness until the 1970’s. Then when the war started a small trickle of homeless veterans were to follow. This was the jump start of the problem. There were many homeless people that lived in a place called Skid Row. Skid Row was with cheap bars, entertainment, and really cheap housing that were called single room occupancy. Then cities around the world started to grow and one million of the single room occupancy was replaced with parking lots, building, and apartments and then skid row stared to vanish one by one. Then there was huge recession in 1980’s were eleven million people got laid off. Once again the number of homeless people soared. Then President Regan and Bush dropped public housing funds by thirty billion dollars. During the 1990’s there one million people on the waiting list for housing. There is one category of homeless people that are now as bums. These are usually men that are in there forty’s or fifty’s that lie around all day and do nothing. These people don’t help themselves at all or other people. Honestly these people don’t deserve anything because they really don’t want to anything even if they were forced to. They make up about four percent of homeless population. Drugs are another thing that is always on our streets. There are twenty percent of the people that living on the streets are using hard drug such as cocaine, heroin, and morphine. AIDS is one thing that spread like crazy because people sharing needles. Once a person gets the HIV virus they become a statistic in the disabled category. I think is there are two main