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Homelessness in The World Nowadays, one of the largest growing problems in the world is the constantly increasing number of people without home. According to preliminary statistics, there are over 100 million homeless people in the world. With the decrease of available jobs, the population of homeless people has a dramatic increase. For this special group, most people know very little about them. As homelessness is so prevalent in the world, it is not surprising that social scientists are learning more about its causes. They have found that homelessness in an individual can result from disease,family breakdown and lack of education. The first cause of homelessness may be disease that include disabilities, mental illness and substance abuse. We all know medical expenses is becoming more and more expensive now. So if you get sick,you will have to spend your most money in medical. The worst situation is you get sick but you have no healthcare insurance. Accordingly,you could spend your all money and even sale your house for medical charges. Eventually,you will become a person who out on the streets. Moreover,some people with disabilities or mental illness can also become a homeless. Because they can’t get a job for living. And they have to pay huge amount of money for medical. In this case,they have to give up their life and leave home. On the other side, due to drug abuse, some people will eventually out on the streets. Drug abuse can lead to a waste of money and the deterioration of the illness. That is why people with drug abuse become poor after this bad habit and then become a tramp. So the disease factors are a major cause of the homelessness. The second cause of homelessness is family breakdown. If a family suddenly lose their economic pillar, members of the family will possibly lose everything. For instance, a family had three members, include father, mother and one child. Mother was a housewife who was only work at home. The family depended on father’s income to sustain life. The father had a traffic accident one day. Although spent large sums of money to treat, he still passed away. After the father died, the family lost economic sources. The mother might need to sale everything for earning a living. If she can’t find a job, the mother and her kid have to out on the streets after finish all the money. On the other hand, because of divorce, either of husband and wife may become homeless. Due to property is not shared, one can get all the property after divorce, but the other one can get nothing. Thus, family break is the other main cause of homelessness. In addition to lack of education may play a role as well. A person’s