Homelessness and Better Life Essay

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* Homelessness Why did I choose homelessness? I choose homelessness for my global issue. I think it’s a big problem in the United States. It’s also very dangerous for people that are under age of 18. They won’t have a future if they live on the streets. I wanted to know more about this subject and think it’s important that we need to help those people to get a better life. School is also really important for children to get a good future! Most kids that are homeless don’t go to school. They won’t learn and won’t have a good opportunity to go to college and get a good job .What does homelessness mean? Homeless means more than not having a place to sleep. Being homeless means having no place to save the things that connect you to your past, losing all contacts with your friend and family, and uprooting your children from school. It means suffering the frustration and degradation of living hand to mouth, depending on generosity of strangers or efficiency of a government agency for your survival, for your children’s survival. They will leave under bridges on the street or in the woods. They will wash their selves by fountains in the city or somewhere you can find water. They are really unhealthy. They don’t have the money to buy a good meal .They are cold most of the times, because they don’t have heather at night to keep them worm .How do people become homeless? The most homelessness people are those who are released from hospital and people that come from prison with no place to go. About 12.5 million households risk the possibility of becoming homeless because of the high cost of housing and very low paying jobs. Many people * leave their homes voluntarily or forcefully, for example battered woman or runaway teens. If people’s parents die and they don’t have any good contacts that will give you a place to live, they will live in the streets. People that can’t pay their houses end out on the streets .How many people are homeless? It’s really hard to say how many people are homeless, because people die every day and it’s also hard to know who are homeless or not. They say that 1