Homelessness and Research Proposal Assignment Essay

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Problem/Solution Paper Research Proposal

Assignment: Write a brief proposal that covers the following:

1. Briefly describe the issue you will be writing about?

I will be writing about whether or not there should be a community outreach to the homeless when the weather is this bad, and also tie in feeding homeless at PUBLIC places and if this should be allowed or not.

2. What community does this issue affect? How does it affect the community?

I believe this issue affects everyone because it will affect homeless if you’re homeless or the community because your tax money might go into helping the poor or homeless. It affects the community because people might be upset that efforts are being made to help the homeless.

3. What is going on right now (or not going on right now) that makes it important for you to write this paper and for other people (who might not know you personally) to read it?

There are many homeless people in our world and I’ve been noticing this more and more during my classes in downtown Grand Rapids. It’s freezing cold outside and no one should have to endure the cold 24/7 like some people do. I’ve been in some public places where they say providing meals for the homeless isn’t allowed and I think it should be because it’s obviously a public place where anyone can enter.

4. Who is the best audience for this paper? Why?

The best audience for this paper is the people who are looking to make a different, welcome others in to a warm building, and people who will put…