Homelessness and Social Help Essay example

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“Teenagers Who Care!”

I am here today to talk to you about a problem in Great Britain that is of great concern to me. I feel that you are not helping the people that really need it, here are some statistics of how many people are actually homeless in Britain and I don’t think that you realize how large this number is: In Britain, on average 500 people sleep rough each night and 37% - Parents, family, or friends no longer willing or able to accommodate, 20% - Loss of private dwelling, including tied accommodation, 19% - Breakdown of relationship with partner, 4% - Mortgage arrears, 2% - Rent arrears, 18% - other.

When I look at these statistics I could cry and I wish that I could do something about it but then I realise that I can’t, but there is people that can and that is why I am here today. Don’t you wish to change these upsetting and outrageous statistics? Imagine if you were on the streets all on your own with no food, no bed or no family. Imagine being cold every night, living in fear all the time and having no-one there to comfort you when you’re down. Imagine it. And once you have done that then realise this harsh reality these homeless people are going to have to deal with until they die. BUT we could change it by building more homeless shelters, more soup kitchens and giving them social help. It is thought to be that 90% of these homeless people don’t get any kind of social help from the government. I realise that the government has to deal with maybe to you,…