Homelessness and Stereo Types Essay

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After viewing the California Homeless Youth Project interviews I was upset because this has been an ongoing issue for so long. I already knew a lot about homelessness because where I live the streets are filled with homeless people. The interview that most intrigued me was the street through my eyes. The reason why I found it most interesting is because I know someone who has gone through this and has explained to me how he had to jump from place to place and he told me where all the free clients and shelters were. He is only 18 years old and he has brothers and sisters no older then the age of 10 that are also homeless. My awareness hasn’t really changed with watching these videos because like I said I already knew about homelessness and how it is a problem in America.
I do think others are aware but I think most people try and ignore what they see around them either because they are selfish or they just don’t care. People don’t like to help others because of their society we live in.
Human service professionals can work to educate the public about homeless children and the poverty in America by media publicity by keeping people aware of how poverty is growing in America and there is ways of helping the homeless. Also, let people know how drugs are a cause of homelessness. Media doesn’t work %100 but getting through some people is better than no getting through anyone at all.
Negative stereotypes of the homeless are they are all alcoholics, worthless, and drug