Homelessness Argumentative Essay

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Growing up, my family and I would always take weekend trips to Atlantic City, it was close enough to be convenient, but far enough away to leave everything behind for some quality family time. While we’re not the biggest fans of the beach, my fondest childhood memories are those on the boardwalk, whether it was the sun on my skin or the snow under my feet.
We would always stay at the same hotel, which was conveniently located only a brief walk away from a McDonalds’, and after hours of begging and pleading for the unhealthy snack, my parents would occasionally give in. Every time we went, I convinced myself that I could finish a whole sandwich, large fries, and drink by myself, and every time I failed. Not being able to finish my meal, I wrapped
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I no longer notice homeless people exclusively in large cities. Recently, I have seen more homeless people around my neighborhood, at the mall, and even outside the local supermarket. However, rather than helping, most people look away and I’ve been asking myself why? Recently, I’ve concluded that even though people can see homelessness right in front of them, they still believe it doesn’t exist. I learned about the magnitude of homelessness at a young age however, some people may still be unaware. To help resolve this problem I would use commercials to help inform people, rather than using them to promote products. Sharing the statics and encouraging people to commit simple acts of kindness could not only elevate the amount of people who are forced to live on the streets, but it will also promote kindness throughout an area.
While we can’t all help build a house, or donate our time, when we perceive that someone is in need, we should at least try to help. This could simply be the change in your pocket or some extra food. While seventy cents may seem futile to most, to someone in need, it’s seventy cents closer to a toothbrush, or a bottle of water, both of which can help improve one's quality of