Homelessness In America

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Homelessness in America The homeless face many challenges. They become sick and cant be cared for. They can’t afford food, so they have to starve. The homeless freeze in the winter because they aren't able to pay for coats and clothes for cold weather. People throw things at them such as trash, and treat them like garbage. When kids are homeless their grades start to drop, and they also get stressed out. Our society helps the homeless out to straighten up the problems they face. Our society has homeless shelters so homeless people are able to have a bed to sleep in, and also have food to eat. We also help the homeless with a “DARE to CARE Program”. Our society has places where people donate clothes and food for homeless or people who can’t afford it. “Salvation Army” donates food, clothes, blankets, and things that poor people cant buy because of financial problems. Many people in the society help find affordable houses for homeless to stay. To help the homeless, we could do many things that we don't do. We could provide more programs since there are 243,627 homeless people in the U.S. I know not all these living homeless people can’t stay at a couple of shelters. The shelters give the homeless expired foods and none of the people want to eat that because they know they will get sick. So why don't we give the homeless shelters that have food that isn't expired, and that lets them sleep in separate rooms. We could also create a business that lets homeless people work