Homelessness In Australia Essay

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Introduction: definitions of liveability and homelessness, overview of homelessness as an issue in Australia, why does it matter?

Homelessness in Australia is a big issue, currently there is 105,237 out of 21,508,000 people in a australia who are homeless. Homelessness involves the loss of a central security, stability, privacy and safety. It is the loss of the ability to control one's own living space. Homelessness is not defined as living on the streets it can be classified as couch surfing, government houses, generally these houses are very overcrowded. Because of this you loose the ability to control your living space and essential become homeless. This then goes onto loss of liveability, that is the sum of all the factors that add up to a person's or community's quality of life. Some factors of liveability is social security, equality, safety
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Research Methodologyy:
Outline the objective and subjective factors you used.
Talk about data u r using I used this objective dat√Ęt
This person said bla blah blah
The objective i am using is from homelessnessaustralia.com, more specifically 'figure two' and the talk we did in class. The subjective data i'm using is from Natasha Cruise and her story about homelessness, this provides a great deal of my subjective data as there is a lot of information. I have also incorporated the quote from Nelson Mandela ' slavery is not an accident it is like slavery and apartheid, it is man made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.

The objective data i am using ``

4. How homelessness can be dealt with:
Explain what has been done by at least two of the following governments, cities, charities, individuals to deal with homelessness.

5. Conclusion: include a summary of the extent of homelessness in Australia and at least two recommendations outlining what you think is the best way to deal with homelessness.6. Bibliogaphy: accurate bibliography with at least 3 different websites.

Your two recommendations to