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Homelessness in Central Florida

Florida has the third largest homeless population in the U.S., right after California and New York. Last year 55,170 people were homeless in Florida. Even with the recent decline this year numbers are still reaching 47,862 according to HUD. Some of the leading causes of homelessness are lack of affordable housing, lack of adequate income, lack of needed services, and lack of mental health treatment. The homeless experience is a very hard one. Many homeless people live in shelters, parks, under bridges, and the woods. There are many nonprofit organizations trying to end Florida’s homelessness problem. With non-profits and community efforts next year’s numbers will continue to decline.
Central Florida’s homeless rate
47,862 people in Florida
??? in Central Florida
Causes of homelessness
Lack of affordable housing
Unable to get loans
Lack of adequate income
Higher paying job
Cost of living rising and minim wage staying the same
Lack of needed services
To prevent homelessness
Lack of mental health issues being treated In 2012 the state of Florida counted 7,000 homeless people who were severely mentally ill. In fact, mental health issues are one of the main contributors to becoming and remaining homeless. In order for homeless individuals to gain steady employment, pay bills and maintain healthy relationships, stable mental health is a must, according to the coalition for the homeless.
The homeless experience
Living in shelters parks under