Homelessness Literature Review

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Literature Review
Fordham University
27 April 2014

Literature Review
Since September 11, 2001, our nation has found itself in ground conflicts within Afghanistan and Iraq. While these conflicts are being fought in foreign lands, our nation began to feel the effects of the war at home. Unlike, World War II in which our nation experienced an economic boom during and after the war; the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have contributed to the complete opposite. High unemployment rates, lack of affordable housing, recessions, increase of the federal debt are the inheritance to the new generation. College graduates with undergraduate and graduate are having difficulty finding employment in stagnate job markets. This now affects the
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The first is by connecting veterans to permanent housing through the SSVF program and the HUD-VASH program. Second, is by identifying and meeting the needs of every veteran. This falls in line with social workers within agencies to engage veterans. The third step is to build stronger bridges to mainstream benefits. This also falls into the social work realm, in providing concrete services for veterans (usich.gov, …show more content…
Younger and lower ranking veterans tend to have risker behavior and tend to be financially unstable. Risky behavior also leads to younger veteran to face have more problems with the legal system, which follows them to civilian life. It is important for these young veterans to seek financial and legal services during their transition in order to begin the process of fixing the issue. Other similarities among veterans are the social isolation felt upon returning home. No longer being part of the structured system, with others that understand the struggle of service. Lots of research has been done to identify mental health as a leading factor of veteran homelessness. The purpose of this literature review is to uncover other factors that lead to homelessness. More studies need to be identified on how divorce, child support modification and custody battles play a role in veteran homelessness. There is a high divorce rate in the armed forces combined but not enough studies are conducted to identify how this continues to be an issue during the transition process. There are no findings that contradict other findings. It is notices that the majority of the literature wants to only address mental health. While mental health is important to address it is not the leading cause of veteran homelessness. It is the