Homelessness: United States and Steady Growing Population Essay

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One of the biggest problems in the United States is homelessness. Every year thousands of families are left without a home. For some they are able to get some protection and stability in a shelter, but for others they are left out in the streets. This problem has been going on, in the United States, for many years and is showing little to no improvement. With a steady growing population this is something that needs to be fixed. There need to be changes, and new programs created to help assist people who are not financially stable enough to manage there housing situations.
Over the course of a year between 2.5 and 3.5 million people are homeless at one point in time. This is something that is intolerable. Everyone deserves a home. People need a place where they can sleep, eat, and even raise families. Recently, there has been a huge rise in the amount of homeless families. In 2012 about 41% of people who were homeless were families compared to 59% single adults. It is unacceptable for any child in the United States to be homeless.
What many people don’t realize is that, Homelessness does not just happen because of a person’s inability to pay there rent and bills. It can happen when natural disasters strike. Disasters like hurricanes and tornados can leave thousands of families and individuals left without there home. When Hurricane Katrina happened it left 1.2 million American children homeless. There needs to be more relief provided to disaster victims. By doing this it will allow them to be more stable and potentially live the life they once lived.
Sometimes people are homeless because of their own negative decisions. However, that is not every homeless person. It also does not mean they don’t deserve any help. When people are left on the street they run the risk of catching a diseases, committing crime, or even being approached by a sexual predator. Homelessness is a lot deeper than what we tend to think.
We all have heard the phrase, “People are a product of their environment” and it is true. It has been proven that people are able to thrive and be more successful when they have a living environment that they feel comfortable in. When a person is in a stable home they are able to contribute better to themselves, friends, families, and their community.
It is the government’s duty to help assist the homeless. They need to