Essay on Homelessness Writing

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I woke up at six by the large chimes from a nearby church. I stood up and the icy cold bitterness hit me like a train, I tried to walk but it was as if my wet and manky trainers were glued to the floor. i knew I had to get shelter somewhere before I froze to death.
Last night was a rough one the temperature hit the minuses and the cold wind didn’t help, so I knew finding somewhere would be tricky. At this time of year all the hostels were full so I didn’t even bother trying them, I tried all the local charities but they all said the same thing “sorry were totally full” or “ no more space”. After what seemed like hours I settled for a shop doorway with a sign which said “condemned” in big letters. As I watched the blur of people walking past, not even noting the skinny outline of a human lying in the doorstep.
Six months ago it was all different I had just finished school and I was looking for work, it was just me and mum then. That`s all gone now and i`m out here on my own, no-one even paying the slightest bit of attention to me acting like I don’t even exist. I Managed to fall asleep for a couple hours. I woke up to a small poking sensation in my chest, I opened my eyes to see the the round outline of the police officer and his bright torchlight in my face. He told me to go get a job and to stop messing up the streets, the fat pig he probably go home to his warm cosy bed and his three course dinner, of course he doesn`t understand what its like sleeping rough through…