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Fox with nine tail
Paragraphs that tell about my organism characteristics. One version of the nine tail fox legend says the that nine tail fox is a beautiful and terrible creature that is able to live up to hundreds – even thousands – of years. It is said that it can take the form of a gorgeous female fox who resides within the mountains in a cave and deviously waits for those who pass it's lair,and who are looking for shelterat night,arelured tothat isolated cave, in which they meet their bloody end before dawn breaks. In the middle of the night, it would enter the traveler's cave eerily bewitching with its white fur, beautiful face, and long tail. It would awake the traveler's and then kill the victim by literally ripping out his liver through his mouth with its clawed paws. Ultimately, nine tail fox would have had a satisfying dinner, the bloody bodies would be hidden, and it would have waited for the next to come..........

The nine tail fox kills to sate its unquenchable hate and fury towards humans; it kills for revenge—revenge for a terrible things that human killed them to make clothes by their fur committed long ago, a crime that could not be forgotten.

Another version is that the nine tail fox kills humans for their liver so that it can live more long live—so that it will not have to live each and every day with the indefinable rage and hatred that burns it, so that it can be a human who cannot carry such a curse. It say that in actuality, the nine tail fox kills because of its envy, the intense longing for life as one tail fox.

The fox has nine tails because it needs to survive and live up to hundred- even thousands -of years.they show the nine tails only during night. Then only on every full moon once in a month. Other wise it is usually like a normal fox, but it has white fur.

My organsim resemble all