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3 February 2015
Homer’s writing Style Homer, a famous mythological author has written one of the most famous books in his time. Homer uses figurative language to show how hard it was for Odysseus to get home and everything that he had to do and what he went through on his journey. He also writes similes by describing an event in a story with extreme detail and then repeating it by showing repetition. The epic poem, The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus and his crew have to return back to his home of Ithaca. Homer stylistically conveys that the land of the dead is a desolate, scary place for Odysseus’s development as a character by using imagery, personification, and lots of alliteration. Homer shows his use of figurative language by adding imagery about what is going on in battles, or even just describing people. Imagery is describing He shows this in the Land of the Dead when Odysseus goes into the Underworld. A short time after he talks in great description about what the Underworld looks like, a dark, depressing place where the souls of the deceased, human and nonhuman. “Now the souls gathered, stirring out of Erebus,/brides and young men, and men grown old in pain,/ and tender girls whose hearts were new to grief;/ many were there too, torn by brazen lanceheads,/ battle-slain, bearing still their bloody gear” (The Odyssey Lines 564-568). Another way that Homer uses figurative language is with personification. One example is when he talks about how Odysseus can’t bear to see his dead mother and he wants to go so bad and talk to her but since he doesn’t want to stay in the Underworld, he leaves her. “Now came the soul of Anticlea, dead, / my mother, daughter of Autolycus, / dead now, through living still when I took ship/ for holy Troy. Seeing this ghost I grieved, /