Homer's Odyssey: A Short Story

Words: 1143
Pages: 5

Oh sing to me Muse, of the Freshman who plundered the quad and searched every classroom in the quest of the floral backpack.
Sing to me of the freshman who fought with all her courage, to finally destroy the monster who kept it captive.
Tell us the story of ever forgetful Sophia, sing to us her tragedy.

In the corridor of lockers sat an ever forgetful young hero, who with warm tears on her cheeks wept.
Nowhere in sight was the source of all her powers the floral backpack.

From above wise Athena observed her weeping, witnessing this horror she contacted the king of supplicants Zeus.
“Father, absent minded Sophia has lost the origin of her great fortune. she has an obligation to bring this floral backpack in a period to the classroom, and if she does not posses this knapsack,
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Foundicus immediately sprang up from his seat, oblivious to the fact that he had forgotten his keys, and searched for the lost sheep.
Ever forgetful Sophia had abandoned the fact that Lostiphus was still at the entrance, but Wise Athena sprinkled sleep on the monster.
His eyelids became heavy, as he welcomed sleep.

Ever forgetful Sophia grabbed the key and ran to the cave.
When she arrived she inserted the key, and with a series of clicks the door opened to the cave.
In front of her eyes was the floral backpack.
She quickly clutched the floral backpack and dashed out of the cave, toward the classroom of the curly haired beast.

Once arrived in the classroom, ever forgetful Sophia sat down in her chair.
Up above wise Athena watched the curly haired beast with disgust.
She thought that it was unfair that the class must endure such hardship, so as she watched from above she sprinkled dust on the curly haired beast.
Little by little the beast became human, transforming into a woman with curly hair.
Just then the chime rang, and the period was