Homeschool:Where is it going wrong Essay

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Homeschooling: Where is it going wrong? Homeschooling, is it becoming the future of our education system? Is it better or worse for the students who are homeschool? Does there need to be more or less regulations on the home school system? Homeschooling is becoming a major educational system in the United States and many parents are starting to resort to homeschooling because of the lack of attention given to their child or they are wanting to incorporate religion into their curriculum. I believe that there is nothing wrong with homeschooling your child, but the parents need to be more qualified, school district needs to regulate the curriculum, and laws need to be stricter. Something that really needs to be taken into effect when allowing parents to homeschool is the parent’s level of education. Many of the parents that are homeschool their children only have a high school education and are not really fit to be able to teach curriculum past a certain grade. Anyone can provide home-school education no-matter their own level of education (Verges). Allowing people to homeschool their children without proper education would be like having a teacher with no college education teaching at a public school. There is no way to find out if the parents that are not qualified are teaching the curriculum right. A Northern State University survey of 69 homeschool parents in the state last year found only 16 were certified teachers (Verges). That is 53 parents that homeschool their children do not have a teaching degree. That number doesn’t tell us how many students are being in properly taught by un-qualified parents. Out of South Dakota’s six neighboring states, only North Dakota has any minimum education requirements for home school teachers. In North Dakota’s case a high school diploma or GED is required (Verges). This may not be a teaching degree, but it is better than allowing parents that couldn’t even graduate high school themselves to be teaching their children. During North Dakota’s last legislature meeting the state official tried to raise the required education for home school teacher to a bachelor’s degree, but it failed to pass (Verges). This may seem wrong to many people but allowing under educated people to teach the future of our country is also wrong. If parents are allowed to homeschool without any education, why do teachers need to go to school anyway? Should we start allowing anyone to teach regardless of their education? There are also many disputes over the curriculum that home school students receive. In most states the only curriculum that they are required to teach are math and language arts. In most cases parents don’t have to show the local school board there curriculum (Verges). Only requiring students to learn math and English is not properly educating students by any means. If that is all that they are required to teach what are they doing for the rest of the day? Where are their science, history, and government classes that public school children are learning? Out of the six neighboring states everyone expects parents to teach more than math and language arts. Only two of them require the parents to submit their curriculum and lesson plans to the regulators (Verges). The two states that require submitted curriculum and lesson plans are on the right track, they are making sure that the children are getting proper education. The other four states are only expecting them to be taught more, but who know how many of the students are learning more than just them two subjects. According to Bonni Boschee, a Northern State Assistant Professor found that 45 percent of home school parents follow curriculum standards, but most were using California tests. However 35 percent felt that there child would not be challenged in a public school environment (Verges). This number should be at 100 percent. It should be required that if you are going to home school that you follow the curriculum standards. By not following