Homework Should Be Banned

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Homework is every kid’s nightmare. Most people just don’t know this is on a scientific level. Sure, it helps kids improve skills learned in school, but is it really worth the increased amount of stress? Some people believe homework is needed to succeed in school, while others argue students have too much. Students should not get homework, because it puts a lot of pressure on them, takes time away from other important activities, and doesn’t have any benefit. Homework should be banned because it stresses kids out. According to “Schools Need To Reduce Academic Pressure on Students,” some kids intoxicate themselves to get away from homework (Comer, Pope, and Galloway, 2012), which means students are so stressed they will try anything to avoid doing their homework. Also, in “At Elite Schools, Easing Up a Bit on Homework,” Jenny Anderson argues, “There’s no value in stressing kids out. You are robbing them of their childhood” (Anderson, 2011). Experts realize homework is putting too much pressure on kids and preventing them from having any fun. The article also claims, “Denise Pope, a senior lecturer at the Stanford School of Education… found that those with more than 3.5 hours of homework a night had an increased risk of physical and mental health issues, like sleep deprivation, ulcers, and headaches” (Anderson, 2011). This shows that the stress is causing negative effects on students’ health. Therefore, schools should stop giving students homework because it can cause intoxication and health issues and prevent them from enjoying life. Students should not have homework because it takes time away from extra activities. The average student spends 3.07 hours on homework every day (Comer, Pope, and Galloway, 2012). Students that have busy schedules to begin with will have to squeeze in their homework instead of relaxing. As stated by Mark Pundurs," It seems like all too many nights they would just burrow themselves in the couch with their books and not have any interaction. They didn't have time for other things" (Malone, 2010). Homework takes up too much time after school and leaves no leisure time. Also, homework keeps students up all night or makes them get very little sleep (Comer, Pope, and Galloway, 2012). Students should not have to choose between homework…