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Ostensen, M. (2013). Counseling women with systemic lupus erythematosus who desire children. International Journal of Clinical Rheumatology, (8.1), 27. doi: GALE|A316990757

This article goes into great depth regarding the complications, and education of women who have Systemic Lupus. This study was one of academic nature, examining issues that arise from physical illness, and the social decisions a couple or individual must make when these issues may cause severe problems or even death to the child or mother. The author used archival research to expound on a specific subject, that has a very broad range of complications. The study explains that not only premature births are very common, but also infant or prenatal mortality rates are several times higher than normal pregnancies, and those odds only increase as the mother gets older. Because of these reasons, the author emphasizes that counseling is a must for individuals with this condition, and the better of an understanding that that person(s) has, the better their odds are of having less, or no issues during pregnancy.

This article was very insightful. Besides going into great depth with charts regarding birth-control methods, the author emphasizes that remission is crucial to a less complicated birth. Even remission a couple of months before birth can lead to issues, and lack of taking the correct medicines, or refusal to take medications, can lead to more severe issues, increasing the odds of challenges.
I have a great interest on this subject, due to the fact that my wife has some form of Lupus. To be honest, they don’t truly know what she has, but it seems to be an