Short Story Chapter 1

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Mother Nature was dancing through the forest ever so happily as she journeyed on. She came to a clearing expect ting to find father times house se became weary. She had lost her bearings and became all turned around not knowing where she was. Her happy and ecstatic feeling faded as she walks deeper into the depths of the forest. Many noises echoed in the distance frightening her.
Mother Nature ended up consulting her map and turning north. She looked at the moss every so often to make sure she was going the right way. The noises grew louder and louder as she made her way to the mountain. As the ascent took her breath away a friendly deer offered her in apple to nourish her. The apple then gave her the strength to make it over the mountain.
As she finished climbing the mountain she was greeted by many animals including bats, moles and badgers. These animals said it was nice to see someone and she told them where she was going and they helped her out. They made a cart of stone which would roll down the mountain to father time’s house. She thanked them and went down the mountain. She made it halfway before any problems occurred.
The wheel on the car wobbled and flopped as it went out of control. She spun and spun and hit a rock and flew into a swamp. The king of the fly colony was very upset that she had made such a mess in his swamp. She was condemned to prison until an executioner could come and do the deed. She scrambled and pled that it was a mistake. The only word the king could mutter was goodbye.
Mother Nature’s last attempt to get free was a plan. In her