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Homework# ENG 101-EF
Interpretation# 1
Introduction is one of the most difficult part to write in any writing because one never gets a second chance to make that first impression. Thus it should be appealing and make the reader curious to read further. Alexie’s first paragraph has accomplished to engage its readers in an effective way. It is concise and well written and has indulged me to think and made curious to read further. The very first line of the paragraph, “I learned to read with a Superman Comic Book” brings an immense zeal to go through the entire essay as it raises few questions in my mind making me curious to read further. The first line itself attracts a lot of young readers who love superman or who have spent their childhood reading superman comics and watching cartoons. The narrator seems to recall his childhood years when he was three years old and has been successful in recalling and expressing those faint memories quite well. This appeals readers as he is able to recall memories of the age anyone hardly remembers. The writer had lots of passion to learn to read and write since his childhood and readers like to know how he achieved it what hardships he suffered and overcame them. The interesting part how his superhero helped him to develop the zeal to learn to read and write. Another interesting to know part is that his father too loved to read books and he also became his inspiration to learning. The essay overall is an interesting one and the readers enjoy reading a little boys quest to learn and superman adds more fun in reading and makes the readers smile while reading on various moments.

Interpretation# 6 Since Alexie was an Indian he had to face many difficulties in his learning process. He was feared, ridiculed and considered low by the non-Indians. He was bullied by his classmates and they wanted him to be quite whenever a non-Indian teacher asked any question. Alexie was not among