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Homework 2
The ease of access for information has vastly changed. In what used to be a print world has arisen a new era of information technology that allows users to transmit and receive information at the speed of light. One would think that with all this new technology, the quality of the information put out would be equal to the quality of the technology, however more often than not, credibility and validity of information is questioned. It has become more advantageous to search online for information rather than spend hours combing through journals and print articles. The issue is not the users taking advantage, but now rather the authors and publishers of information that have no credibility whatsoever and without a governing and regulatory system to verify each and every piece of information there is, users fall prey. The information looks much like a credible piece of information would, however lacking factual evidence and proper credentials renders the information void and inadmissible. There is a solution in how people can correctly identify credible information, abandoning traditional methods of determining credibility. By simply looking at the URL of the website, one can generally get an idea of the type of site it is. If the site allows for multiple postings, is opinion based, and or has been knowingly slandered in the past, then the information on the site can be deemed non credible. Much like in research papers that students do, proper sources will