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Saad Ahmad Date: September 18th, 2014
Homework # 4 ENG 101-EF
Correspondence# 2
Celeste Armenti has negative perspective toward movies. What he does not like about movies is, majority of movies today focus on violence and crime and the violent characters are portrayed as heroes in most movies which might leave a bad impact on children and youngsters. The heroes of movies become role models for young minds and by portraying criminals and violent characters as heroes we are corrupting young minds of our own nation and wherever the movies are watched.
Armenti says, we live in a nation where crime is the main cause of many social problems that exist today. Therefore, the film industry telling the audience that violent people are admirable and their lives should be embraced, should be stopped.
Armenti feels there should be more positive role models in the movies and on television so that young people can actually have someone to look up to who represents positive values and regard them as their heroes and role models. This would also help reduce crime significantly from the country.
I imagine Armenti and king would have a negative conversation, because their ideas oppose each other to some extent. Where King says we all have that factor in us that makes us crave and like crime, violence, killing and the