Homework 6 Essay

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Date: September 28nd, 2014
Homework# 6 ENG 101
Interpretation# 1
Arnie Watson is a student of Riverdale high school. He is in his junior year. He has five tests on a spring Friday and unusual events happen due to which he could not study for his tests and has to write on his clothing to cheat.
He spends two hours on the phone convincing his girlfriend not to break up with him and did not learn Spanish vocabulary for the test. He has an argument with his parents and couldn’t go to the library to study history with his friend. Spends more time practicing and exercising after school to ensure his place in the basketball team and thus could not read the novel for the test. Due to his grandpa’s illness he could not study physics and as such events continue, could not study trigonometry too for the mathematics test. Therefore he plans to cheat and writes notes on his clothing wherever he felt appropriate.
We can guess about his personality clearly. Causalities and unusual things happen with everyone but it should not affect the main priorities. It depends on what priorities we set for ourselves. Arnie seems to give least priority to his studies and tests and thus the worst of the reasons affect his studies for the test. It seems he did not want to study, he found reasons to convince himself to cheat. If he had given priority to his test he would have definitely found some time to study. He seems to be a lazy and ignorant boy. He isn’t serious regarding his studies and give the least priority to it.

Interpretation# 2
Arnie had decided to cheat on his tests because he could not study and prepare for it due to various events that occurred during the week he had his test.
He could not memorize the vocabulary list provided by his teacher because Thursday he spend two hours on the phone convincing his girlfriend not to break up with him. Dismayed when she slammed the phone in his ears he could not concentrate on his Español the rest of the night. Exasperated he rose early on Friday and wrote those words and shorthand definitions on the underside of his cap’s bill.
He had planned to meet his friend in the library and study history there with him but could not go because he had and argument with his parents on how was he going to get into a good college. So he wrote abbreviated versions of amendments on the inside collar of his shirt.
Arnie also had to spend extra time practicing and exercising for being in his school basketball team and therefore could not read the novel and therefore wrote the character names and the brief synopsis of their roles on the inside waistband of his jeans.
The day he started studying physics his grandmother called to inform that Grandpa had been admitted in hospital with chest pain. He had to go to the hospital with his parents and therefore had to write quantum physics formula on the