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Homework# ENG 101-EF
Interpretation# 1 The gay man’s parents would prefer to think that he was a heroin addict rather than that he was homosexual because most of the parents are reluctant to accept children who are too different from them. It is never easy for parents to hear that their child is a gay or lesbian, or thinks they might be. Even if they feel one hundred percent comfortable with the concept of accepting such an orientation, every parent worries about what it will mean for their child. In addition, if they do not feel comfortable with such news, or if their religious beliefs tell them that being gay or lesbian is wrong, then the news can become extremely difficult to manage. This is the reason why they would imagine their son to be anything other than being homosexual.
Interpretation# 2 I totally agree with Quindlen’s that parents are reluctant to aspects children who are different from them. Many parents think that they would be happier if they did not know about their children being homosexual. They do not realize the fact that their son or daughter telling them is a sign of his or her love and need for their support and understanding. Many parents feel bitter resentment at the fact of their child's homosexuality. This feeling is based on the assumption that being homosexual is a matter of choice and that this was a conscious decision, perhaps even made to hurt them. In fact, homosexuals do not choose their sexual orientation. They simply are what they are: homosexuality is their true nature.
Most parents feel guilt when they first find out. Psychology and psychiatry have told us for years that the way the child turns out is the parent's fault. In fact, no parent has that much power over a child. Homosexuals are found in all types of families with all types of backgrounds.
Other reasons for their reluctance is religious beliefs and fear of society. These two are the most crucial reasons. Parents are afraid of what their fellow family members, friends, neighbors, etc. will think about it. They fear for their social image. Highly religious parents fear committing sin the most. Knowing their children are homosexual puts them into choosing one of these: relationship with their child or the Bible. They have to choose which to