Homework: Adam and Eve and Fractured Society Essay

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1) Birth- the act or process of bearing of bringing forth offspring; childbirth; parturition {how does this definition relate to our study: “the ‘birth’ of fractured society”?}
2) Fractured- 1. The characteristic appearance of a broken surface, as of a mineral 2. a break, breach, or split
3) The fall- a becoming less; a lowering of decline; a sinking to a lower level {Please explain how you came up with your definitions and how do they relate to our study?}
4) Blinding and write down the Greek word. (2 Corinthians 4:3-4) 1. unable to see; lacking the sense of sight 2. to make obscure of dark: Kalupto- to hide, veil {Please explain how you came up with this as the Greek word for “blinded”.}
5) Name the six affects of the fall and explain them in detail- 1.wrong self awareness~ people started trying to find things that where wrong with their bodies {Be careful to not just limit this to our bodies because this affect is far more reaching and devastating. Its impact was more psychological than anything else. Here is a little help. The definition of self awareness is: an awareness of one’s own personality or individuality. Now add the word ‘wrong’ to this definition and we have a wrong awareness of one’s own personality or individuality}. Sense God never said that there was something wrong with us; we must ask ourselves who told us this and why are we listening to this second voice. 2. Hiding from God~ when we have done something wrong, we tend to hide because we know that what we’ve done wasn’t right. It also doesn’t necessarily have to be God, but it can be a brother of {did you intend to type the word ‘or’ here?} sister who has a very strong connection with God. {Very Good!} 3. Avoidance of personal responsibility~ when we have a disagreement with a friend or relative, we tend to blame the quarrel on them. When going to God about what happened, we must ask ourselves what we did that caused the person to act that way. Their behavior can be a chain reaction to what you are doing yourself {A person who avoids personal responsibility is simply someone who always looks to cast blame on someone or something else. It is never their fault.}. 4. Man is now at war with his environment~ whenever we strive to accomplish something significant, it’s always difficult. There always seems to be something trying to stop us. Our flesh is always