Homework: Alcoholic Beverage and Non-alcohol Drinkers Essay

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Jasmine Torres
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Alcohol Drinkers Versus Non-Alcohol Drinkers

I remember the summer i first got drunk. It was a terrible experience and mistake. I was trying to drown myself in the pool, hit people and so many crazy things. Do you want to be in that situation? Non-drinkers live more of a safe life than people who drink because of health, money, and behavior. To begin with, alcohol has many negative affects on your health. For example if you drink to much you could possibly become an alcohol addict, in contrary if you don't drink you could live a happier and safe life. Alcoholism for instance is a serious disease that research from the National Council of Alcohol Addiction proves tat over 18 million people misuse alcohol. Another example is it slows down your central nervous system. Its can also lead to alcohol poisoning which has some very scary symptoms like vomiting, seizures, hard breathing, etc. On the other hand, alcohol also takes a lot of money out of your pocket. People waste so much money on it that research shows $48 million dollars is spent on beer, liquor, and wine a year. If your drunk and driving you can get a ticket which means more money out of your pocket. Each year approximately 16,000 people get in a car accident caused by drunk driving, which in result of that means you have to pay for car repairing. Also if you were hurt and go to the hospital, you have to pay for that. Finally, alcohol changes ones behavior so you look dumb. An example