Homework: Alfie Kohn and Positive Good Work Essay

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Homeworks Do what matters most first. Kids should live their time as kids and receive the best of their life time. Seeing papers and books cluttered all around the kids rooms becomes a daily behavior.
The main reason that could keep teachers to ask students to do homeworks and assignments is to help these students to learn more or to get positive good work habits. However, there is no evidence that homework provides any benefits in elementary school. This shocking fact requires from us to rethink about what we are practicing in our school to draw the best future to our communities. It’s obvious that the homework is important and helps the student to assure their knowledge and support him to be serious and responsible even the researchers don’t find any as the claim of Alfie Kohn when he wrote “there is no evidence that homework provides any benefits in elementary school. Even if you regard standardized test results as a useful measure. (164). It’s a common sense that without homework students couldn’t get enough practice for their gained information and skills. I couldn’t understand how some researches support the idea that said there is no relation between homework and the gained skills as Kohn mentioned “ the research provides no reason to think that students would be any sort of disadvantage if they got much less homework - or maybe even none at all” (165). Even I can’t accept the idea of stopping the homework or assignment, It’s unusual to accumulate tons of it during the day time. My son is studying at