Homework: Childbirth and Healthy Delivery Essay

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What health related things should a woman do before getting pregnant and during her pregnancy to promote a healthy delivery and baby? How would you evaluate the different options for prenatal care and delivery?
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Kayla Savage
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September 9 2014 During pregnancy, there are changes that a woman must make in her health life in order to have a healthy delivery and baby. To ensure that this is executed properly, a woman must prepare herself by making these changes before and throughout the course of her pregnancy. The decision to make these necessary changes will determine how successful the womans delivery will be and how healthy her baby will be. Eating well and taking prenatal vitamins is one change that a woman should make before and during her pregnancy. Nutrition is very important for the mother to deliver to the baby. Avoiding alcohol and drug use and avoiding smoking and exposure to secondhand smoking is important for the health of the baby. Making this change will decrease the chances of the baby being born with permanent damage to any parts of their body. Monitoring caffeine intake is also important. The more caffeine that a woman consumes before and during pregnancy can increase her chances of a miscarriage. Exercising regularly to maintain a healthy weight is important. Your weight directly affects the baby. Women naturally gain weight during pregnancy. They should not gain too much weight or too little weight. Having a healthy weight before pregnancy can benefit for the