Essay about Homework: Communication and People

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On any given night in Old Town Scottsdale you are surely to see drunken people act crazy. On a weekend in particular you will see swarms of people waiting in lines to get into clubs, or at the bar. Overhearing conversations could possibly be the funniest part of the night, or watching people with no rhythm try to dance could be the winner. It is really amusing to watch people interact with each other, and when you add alcohol in the mix you really wish that some things you saw weren’t really happening. On the dance floor people are spilling their drinks all over and some people are really getting down. The D.J’s music makes your whole body vibrates and could also make you feel like you’re having an anxiety attack. I still don’t understand why people waste time or energy going out to clubs because in the long run it is ridiculous. I don’t like meeting random drunk people or getting drinks spilled on me while trying to walk through the crowds of people.Communication is an important factor to consider when deciding which type of learning is best. Personal interaction when communicating is much better to understand than trying to read and make sense of discussions on the Internet. With personal interaction a student can ask a question and get an immediate answer, as well as have discussions with others back and forth with immediate questions, answers, and opinions. With online discussion boards, communication can be very hard to interpret and be very easily misunderstood.