Homework: Kill and New Bb Gun Essay

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Adam Kowalczyk
Mr. Schmidt
English 10
April 12, 2012
Bad Experience I was on my way home from Wal-Mart with my dad, I had just bought a new BB gun. I was so anxious to get home and open it, it was a hot summer after noon the last day of school to be exact. The breeze of the ac cooled me down, we were getting stopped by all the red lights and I couldn’t take it anymore so I took the pocket knife from the glove box and cut the plastic packaging. By the time I took it out I was already home, hoping out of the car the heat hit me and I was sweating. I immediately ran to my neighbor’s house and told him to come outside. We went into my backyard and started to shoot cans and apples it was a great time. An old lady from across the street asked us what we were doing and we said just shooting some cans, she asked us to watch out for her dog and not to shoot him but my friend made a smart remark saying we already killed a couple birds, he thought it was funny. When we both had to go inside, I was tired drinking ice-cold water on the couch. There were three loud knocks on my door, I wondered who it was. I got up slowly feeling a little soar, when I open the door to see a policeman standing there I was very surprised and confused. He started asking me questions I didn’t know why he was here, he told me the my neighbor from across the street called in saying we were trying to kill her dog but we did not do or even think about doing such a thing. He told me and my mom to step…