Homework: Kraft Foods and Kraft Peanut Butter Essay

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In this assignment, I am going to discuss about the product mix of Kraft peanut butter 780g which are product, place, price and promotion. Firstly on product, I will discuss about the core, expected of the product and the product differentiation of KRAFT peanut butter. Also the brand and packaging will be included in the report. Secondly about price, I will show you the price differentiation between the product and any other similar product, and demand and cost considerations on Kraft peanut butter. Moreover on place, also it is called distribution, I am going to illustrate what retailer sell it, how do they sell Kraft peanut butter, which section will the retailers put the product in and how the Kraft transports its production. Last but not the least, promotion will be showed how Kraft public the product peanut butter and what does the company tells you about that.

First of all, I will make a brief introduction about the food tycoon----Kraft Foods.

Kraft Foods INC. was founded in 1903 by James L. Kraft. At first he started the cheese business. After development, Kraft foods inc. has been the largest confectionery, food, and beverage corporation headquartered in the United States. Its markets have been brands in more than 155 countries all over the globe. The main products of Kraft are coffee, candy, dairy products and beverages. Kraft Foods INC. is an independent and public company, which was listed on the New York Stock Exchage and been a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on September 22nd 2008, replacing the American International Group. So Kraft Foods Inc. becomes the only foods-making company in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

In 2008, Kraft Foods Inc. Ranked 195 in Globe 500.

The core products of Kraft Foods Inc. Are Oreo, Maxwell House, Planters and so on.

Target Market of Kraft peanut butter

About the target market of Kraft peanut butter, because its taste and many other functions, peanut butter can be used various and suitable for everyone excluding some illness people. Also peanut butter can be cooked in different types of food and the food is tasted well and nutritious. Because its ingredients, peanut butter have some medical effects as well.

First of all, peanut butter has numerous effects on teenagers. Teenagers are the people who get ill easily, which is usually caused by malnutrition. Peanut butter is a good choice for children to supplement nutritions. They can ingest peanut butter by meal or snacks. After having peanut butter, kids can be active and more energetic in their daily lives.

Moreover, peanut butter has the functions of alleviating stress and fatigue. This is very important to the people who are having stressful work and tiresome work. So taking peanut butter can solve their physical problems and it really helps them. Also peanut butter can help them sleep well at night because of its special ingredients.

Last but not the least, the old people may intake peanut butter to aftercare their body. But the target market of peanut butter has few effects on them because the peanut butter is too sweet for them to intake too much sugar. This could be unhelpful for them.

Therefore, the Kraft peanut butter has a large market, because it can satisfy most consumers' needs and wants, so their target market is wide and cover a lot.


Kraft peanut butter is a kind of condiment which is an extraction of peanut oil. The color of peanut butter is yellow with a little brown. It tastes exquisite, and aromatic flavor. Kraft peanut butter is usually used as condiment when having noodles, bans and bread. Also it is main ingredient of donuts and dumplings.

From the package of Kraft peanut butter, it shows that the nutrition table, features of the product and other ingredients. People can easily understand what the product is and what the product affects. It is convenient for consumers to identify what they can get benefits from this product.