Essay on Homework: Nonverbal Communication and Center Academic Advisement

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Chapter 3 - Persist
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1- Why is it important to understand your college’s policies?
To ensure that I am treated fairly and equitably. Also so I can familiarize myself with my college’s specific guidelines.
2- What is the difference between a BA and BS degree?
The emphasis of the BA degree is the liberal and performing arts, such as history, English, literature, international languages, psychology, sociology, education, art, music, theatre, the humanities, and communication.
The emphasis of the BS degree is math and science, with courses such as biology, chemistry, physics, geology, geography, astronomy, economics, accounting, and many of the professional sciences, such as hotel administration, architecture, nursing, engineering and computer networking.
3- List three tips for succeeding in a class when the professor and you don’t have the same first language?
Sit near the front of the room so that you can see the instructor’s mouth and facial expressions.
Follow the professor’s nonverbal communication patterns.
Record the lecture if allowed (always ask first).
4- Why is civility and personal decorum important in a college classroom?
My actions are very important to every instructor. Respect for others on my part will afford me the opportunity to establish relationships that otherwise I might never have had
5- How can I get to know my advisor or counselor better?
I should know as much as my advisor about my degree.
I should check to be sure I have been advised properly and that I am progressing toward graduation.
If I don’t know certain answers for my questions, I shouldn’t leave the room until I found out.
6- What is an academic support service?
My college has a lot of services like, academic, social, cultural, etc.
My academic service helps me choosing classes for each semester, and offers career assessments and advice on careers.
7- What are two ways that I can persist in college?
Visit my advisor or counselor frequently and establish a relationship with them. Take their advice and ask them questions. Use them as a mentor.
Make use of every academic service that I need that your college offers, from tutoring sessions to writing centers-these are essential tools to your success.

Phone number
If you happen to fail a test, where could you got at your college to find assistance?