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Homework Week 3
September 22, 2013
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Operant conditioning sometimes referred to as instrumental conditioning is a method of learning that occurs through rewards and punishments for behavior. Through operant conditioning, an association is made between a behavior and a consequence for that behavior. A good example of Operant conditioning is: employees finishing projects to receive praise or promotions (Cherry, 2013).
Observational learning occurs when one observes another’s behaviors, which enables one to reenact those behaviors. In the workplace observational learning is used in a few ways. For example: whenever a manager started to train an employee they used instructional videos, so that the new employees could observe the job functions they were to undertake. Next, normally the manager would take the new employees into the actual work area that they would occupy and allow them to observe someone performing the job task. After that, the manager would pair a new employee with an employee that performed their job title well enough to train another employee. This allowed the new employee to observe the other employee, which enabled the new employee to learn though observing the other employees behaviors (Whitaker, 2012).
The social learning theory, a system of learning most commonly associated with behaviorist Albert Bandura, is most commonly applied in educational settings. You can also apply this theory, which argues that people learn from each other through observation and socialization. A good example is: to model behavior for employees. The first step in teaching a behavior in the social learning theory is modeling that behavior. Instead of simply telling employees what they want them to do, leaders should physically model the behavior, acting out the process they hope those under them will follow. By seeing the behavior modeled, employees can develop a more defined understanding of what the behavior entails and experience more success in carrying out the behavior in question (Schreiner,2013).
An example of how prejudice is developed in nurtured through classical conditioning is: feeling upset at the sight of flashing police lights in your rearview mirror. A person can become prejudice towards police officers because at soon as they see the police flashing lights in their rearview mirror they assume they’re going to get a ticket.
An example of how prejudice is developed in nurtured through operant conditioning is: a child can learn that trying to talk to some certain minority groups will always earn him a beating. Because of this it's certain that the child will learn to stay away from that group and avoid for most of his life if not the rest.
The association technique is one of the memory techniques that I would use for the PowerPoint presentation. This technique will help me remember some information about the new company software that I created by relating some of the content to something that will help me remember that content for example: in this case I will relate the software information with my favorite software which is Microsoft, and since I used Microsoft every day this will definitely help me retain that information and not to have much dependence on notes for the PowerPoint presentation.
The other memorization technique that I can use is Acronyms and I can use this to remember the different types of things that software can do by creating a word with the first word of each function this will help me retain important information for the PowerPoint presentation and also avoid using too many notes.
Cognitive quality is the mental activities involved in acquiring, storing, retrieving, and using knowledge (Carpenter, 2013).
Physiological quality is the hormones attribute to our emotional state. These can increase heart rate and blood pressure. Other changes that can occur are metabolism change and change levels of neurotransmitters in brain (Faculty TX, 2013).