Essay on Homework: World Wide Web and Santa Clara University

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COEN 250 Information Security Management
Spring 2015 Tuesday
Homework 1, due April 14, 2015

#1: Using the web, identify the chief information officer, chief information security officer and systems administrator for Santa Clara University.
The Chief Information Officer (CIO) Santa Clara University is Robert C. Owen He is also the vice provost for technology and information services.

The Information Security Office at Santa Clara University consists of Robert Henry as the Chief Information Security Officer. Bryan McClenahan joined later as Sr. Information Security Analyst.

Jafari Johnson,Angela Quintanilla, Tom Randazzo are the System Administrators
Chris Tracy is the System Administrator of the design lab center

#2 Malzilla

Malzilla is an open source software used for hunting malware. It was developed by Boban Spasic. Malzilla is not an automated malware tool. It has to be analyzed manually. Malzilla allows you to analyze the source code of a malicious website along with the full HTTP header information. Malzilla looks like a web browser. When the software is used, we can specify which web browser we want Malzilla to look like viz. firefox, Internet explorer[1]. Viruses writers scamble the malware urls. Malzilla contains decoders that can unscramble them and make it clear. They can also scramble using javascript but malzilla can unobfuscate that as well. Something both ways are used by the writers then it may take several runnings of malzilla to figure it out or make it legit to the user[2].

Malzilla can be used by anyone who wants to find out
a) If a website has malicious code
b) If the code is obfuscated and the website looks innocent

Features of Malzilla

a)Malzilla is a windows only malware.Hence cannot be run on Mac OS or unix systems.It is a portable software and can be run on any windows PC by simply clicking on the Malzilla .exe file. It doesn't make any changes to the windows registry settings.
b)Malzilla uses the spiderMonkey javascript engine.
c)We can specify the user agent and referrer[1]. Hence the suspicious website has no clue about the actual user agent and referrer.
d) It provides syntax highlighting which helps understand the blocks of code better[3].
e)The obfuscated(unclear, unintelligent)