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Should “Gays” be able to adopt?

The excitement of expecting a new family member is priceless. There is no way to describe the emotions involved with the anticipation of a baby’s arrival into a new world. Anybody who is able to experience that feeling should not be restricted to do so. Homosexuals are not freely permitted to adopt in the United States and it is wrong to deprive them of raising a child. Men and women are involved in this matter so there is no reason to deny either sex the right to express their love by sharing it with the growth of a child. Whether it be together as a unit or alone as an individual, no man or woman should be rejected when requesting a chance to provide a helpless soul with a loving and nurturing environment. Society has sculpted homosexuality to be disapproved. In all reality, who is to say what is normal? Why should gay and lesbian individuals be rejected when all they want to do is share their love and care for a vulnerable individual? Most importantly, why should any innocent child be refused a golden ticket to stability and the chance to learn the meaning of “family”. Any child that is longing for a parent’s unconditional love should, in no way, shape or form, be taken away from the opportunity to have it. There are harsh opinions that arise with this issue of homosexuals adopting and raising children, but the true definition of happiness is much stronger than those opinions. That is what these children and homosexuals are yearning for.
When someone wants to act on their ability to give and provide for a child, it is unfair that they are denied of that gift just because of their views of “normality.” Everyone has a different definition for the word normal. “In behavior, normal refers to a lack of significant deviation from the average” (Encyclopedia). Homosexuality is considered abnormal because the average couple consists of a man and a woman. The fact that something is abnormal does not necessarily mean that it is wrong, it simply means that it is not something that is common or something that the mind is used to. “Abnormality varies greatly in how pleasant or unpleasant this is for other people” (Encyclopedia, Wikipidia). Not many people find homosexuality pleasant because they are not accustomed to it. However, “10% of America’s population is homosexual” (Love and Pride). With that said, we have accepted that percentage as part of our society. That is a rather large percentage when we are referring to millions of human beings. As normal as it is for humanity to accept that a heterosexual is attracted to the opposite sex, it is just as normal for a homosexual to be attracted to the same gender. Men and women hold the same feelings towards their significant other, even if that “significant other” happens to be their same sex. Men and women also posses the same general feelings regarding raising a child. Their child becomes the priority and their child’s future is placed on a pedestal. It is no longer about one another, everything is about their “offspring.” Life revolves around this youngster and this is what now becomes normal to that couple – living for the baby. It is “normal” for heterosexuals to like the opposite gender. But then again, it is “normal” for a homosexual to be attracted to the same sex because that is what is natural in their hearts. “Homosexual behavior is natural in the sense that it is extensively found in nature. It has been observed in all mammals and some other species” (Robinson). It doesn’t automatically fall back to the way one was raised, it all has to do with what is in their hearts. We can’t control what we feel but we can control how we act. No one person should be faulted for being who they are, especially if they are willing and able to give their lives to provide for that of one another. We are all created equal and should not be penalized nor advantaged due to our views and beliefs. Life was meant to be lived, not to be scrutinized for the way that